Tomorrow I head off to Perth. After much indecision, I have decided to ride. Excluding flights (which I paid for with Frequent Flyer Points), it was cheaper to ride the bike over than get it shipped. Besides, I bought a bike to ride, not to put on a shipping crate.

Throughout the whole trip, I intend to camp in the swag. The mattress that came with the swag is now well and truly passed its used by date. I have been supplementing it with an pump up Exped mat for some time, but its a pain in the arse to inflate and the thought of dealing with it for 5 weeks + the trip to and from Perth did not appeal to me. So the Exped mat is now gone, and a new self inflating mattress is in.

The trip to Perth will be real camping. Whilst it’s not impossible, it is difficult to carry an esky on the bike. The tinned staples and anything that is not perishable is what I will live on for this leg of the trip. Probably want to keep clear of me for your own safety, because the panniers are stocked with baked beans, tuna and other wonderful canned goods. Plus the normal camping stuff; water, coffee, tea and long life milk. I usually add eggs to the list if I ride past a place that sell farm eggs. Farm eggs for some reason seem to survive a few weeks without refrigeration.