Daily Total: 493km
Trip Total: 493km
Distance to go: 3872km

Good to see the feature image in the post has chopped of my mug! Was going to edit in photoshop, then decided that wordpress’ unintended image censoring is probably a good thing!

Pretty short day on the road today. My plan was to leave a bit later, giving me some time to pack the last of the gear needed for about 2 months on the road. Departure time was about 10am, and after a quick fuel stop at Deagon it was time to put some kilometers on the new tyres.

I had brief stop at Aratula to pick up my PLB (personal locating beacon) that managed to somehow escape the pocket on my jacket. Some how it landed in the middle of the lane, and none of the traffic behind me ran over it. I have since tested it and the self test works fine.

The stretch from Brisbane to Moree is so familiar to me, I didn’t really stop to take any photo’s. After a quick break at the Cunningham rest area between Warwick and Inglewood, I pressed on. Another quick stop for fuel at Inglewood and a look the map I figured I could get to Moree as planned well before my self imposed quit time of 4.30 (skippy time). The Garmin Inreach shows me arriving at exactly 4.30pm!

I was hoping to spend the night at Rocky Creek Camp area just to the north of Moree, but a quick survey of the road in and I noped out. To rough and sandy looking, and it looked as if the camp side dropped into the creek bed. So off to the showground in Moree to hang with the grey nomads. Bonus is its next to the Services Club, so no baked beans for dinner!

Tomorrow is probably going to be the biggest day on the road. I would like to make it to Broken Hill. Given I am chasing the sun east to west, I will pick up a few more hours. Its only half an hour on the clock, but its a lot more in daylight hours. I am very skeptical that I will make it. My rule is 4pm look for somewhere to stop. 4.30pm aim to be off the highway. 5pm, camping on the side of the road!

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