Daily Total: 872km
Trip Total: 1365km
Distance to go: 3003km

Today, whilst not the toughest ride I have ever done, was still not easy. Awake at 5am , I found out that the caretakers lock the camp kitchen at the Moree Showgrounds. Having forgotten to pack my camping cup, I had to get creative with a way to make coffee. It was to early to depart, because they also lock you in the grounds and dont open the gate until 7am. After a small tin of baked beans, I realised that I could use the empty tin as a tiny cup, and make my coffee in the kettle like you would make a pot of tea.

At 7am I was out the gate and on the road. A quick refuel and back onto the highway. I did not last long given it was only 7 degrees. At the first rest stop I pulled over to fit the thermal liner to my jacket, plus I switched into winter gloves. I was a lot warmer but still bitterly cold. The next town was Narrabri, so I decided to stop there for a coffee from the local bakery. I needed to wash down that coffee with a pie. I also took the opportunity to refuel.

Once back on the highway, it started to warm up. That brought the wind, which was a good 15-20knots through out the day, blowing from the left hand side. I pushed on to Cobar, where I got great pleasure from seeing all the Bogan (shire) signs everywhere! Another quick fuel stop, and a bite to eat then back on the road. Its starting to look obvious to me that Broken Hill is (and was never going to) happen today. It never once got about 18degC, and I never got to remove the winter gear.

There is the moment sometime, especially when in areas that are not well serviced by traffic, where you begin to question you fuel planning choices. You have done the math, calculated the distances, added some reserve for error, know your fuel light will be on when you reach the servo. Then the fuel light comes on, and there is some puckering happening. All of a sudden the petrol station appears, and your trip computer says you have 40kms left in the tank. I know the trip computer lies too, because it gives up at a certain point and shows dashes instead to km to run. Ask me how I know!

After refueling at Emmaville, I pushed onto Wilcannia. I was warned multiple times not to stay there as its a bit rough. But I was also told by the lady at Emmaville that there is several safe places to camp along the way, including the caravan park 5km east of Wilcannia, so I decided to try make it there. Failing that, there was several places to stop along the way. At the last camp option I decided to push on. It put me into the camp just outside of Wilcannia about 15 mintues before sunset, but about 45 minutes before my preferred time to be off the road. However, its means a pretty easy day tomorrow and 100km less than today.

Tomorrows planned destination: Kimba. The halfway point. This should be no issue.

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