Daily Total: 880km
Trip Total: 3030km
Distance to go: 1364km

It was a bit of a slow start today. I needed some food for the Nullabor plain, and the local grocery store at Kimba did not open till 7.30am. I also needed to fuel. I did not hit the highway till about 8.30.

The day started well. I stocked up on food a Kimba for the next couple off days on the Nullabor. It was bit cold and foggy on departure, but the fog soon burned off and it turned into a lovely day.

There is not a lot too see between Kimba and Ceduna. It’s mostly all grain growing country. Arriving into Ceduna gives you the first idea that you are going toward Perth, as its the first place that has Perth on the distance signs. On the way home, I am going to stop at Ceduna and have a look around. I have blasted through this place to many times now. As you roll over the hill and into the town, you get the first sight of the ocean since Port Augusta.

A quick fuel stop at the Nullabor Roadhouse and one has to stop for the famous photo of the wildlife sign.

The skies were starting to look a bit grim. I stopped at one of the look outs on the Great Australia Bight and took the opportunity to pull out my wet weather gear and get it ready. I could see rain in the distance, but was hoping that it might pass before I got there.

It started to rain about 100km east of the WA border. The odd patchy drizzle started to look more solid, so I pulled over on the side of the road and put on my wet weather gear. Not a minute to soon as the rain came in.

Along with the rain, came the wind. Its was blowing 30knots+ from the left front quarter and made riding really challenging. I was hoping to camp on the Bunda Cliffs, but with the wind and rain just wanted to get away from the coast.

Another quick fuel stop at border town plus the standard quarantine check at the border, and I punched on till I found a camp. I chose the old water tanks so I could escape the rain for the night. Looks like the rain has set in too. Unfortunately where I decided to camp, some caravaner decided to run a generator for about 5 hours. Despite that I think I chose a good spot to spend the night. There is nothing quite like camping out on the Nullabor Plain.

Tomorrow: We’ll see. I am not as far west as I hoped to be, so I might push on to Southern Cross. Coolgardie is the likely destination.