Daily Total: 370km
Trip Total: 4400km
Distance to go: 0km

It was a late start today. Possible due to some poor choices the night before? I woke up to a lovely morning, although it was a bit chilly.

After fueling up the bike and myself (red bull and bacon and egg sandwich!) it was time to get moving. By now it had warmed up to a 13 degrees. Its pretty easy to find your way to Perth from the East, you just follow the Golden Pipeline which supplies water to gold fields around Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.

I opted not to head into Northam, but fuel was getting low next servo I found was at Bakers Hill, so I stopped to fill up the tank for the last time on this trip. Just up the road from the petrol station was a pie shop. They claim their pies are the best. The sign also said they are the ‘pieOneers’. Well it would be rude for me to not stop and test the claim. The pie was pretty good.

The highway was closed around the lakes area due to an early accident. This resulted in a very scenic detour through a small town called Chidlow. The trip into Perth was further slowed by roadworks at Sawers Valley and Mundaring. Then finally, its time to drop down into Perth. Finally made it!

I went via the airport to see if I could find a hotel close by. Nothing real close, but close enough. So I booked in, then rode to my aunts place to leave the bike till I return on the 23rd July to start the Black Dog Ride.

Tomorrows destination: Brisbane!