I need send out a huge thanks to my sponsors and the individuals that kicked in money for the Black Dog Ride. I thought at first my target might have been a bit ambitious given the time frame. The Black Dog Ride around Aus was capped at 65 riders, and I thought that I might not get a shoe in given I have only done a single day ride. But numbers are down a bit this year, so I got start. This did not leave me much time to fundraise, but the support I have had to date has left me almost speechless.

Glenn from Marine and RV Systems was the first to commit. A loose chat at the local (Full Moon Hotel) and he jumped on board straight away. Glenn’s contribution also motivated me to get out and start looking for more sponsors.

The Full Moon Hotel then committed to making a donation. Thanks Toby and Lucy, I am sure it wont take you long to get that back from me!

After some publicity in the local rags, Bayside Star and Sandgate Guide, there was an influx of donations which totally blew me away. Network Solutions owner Thomas (a Sandgate resident) kicked in big donation.

A former neighbour also kicked in a the biggest personal donation which just blew me away. Thanks Janine, I wont have time to catch up between now and the end of the ride, but I will see you when I get back. It took me a while to figure out who you were, because I realised I never actually knew your surname the whole 12 years I lived across the road from you!

And of course, I give enough thanks to all of my friends and family who have donated money. Like many of you, this cause is close to my heart. Most of us have either have seen or had to deal with the depression and mental health issues either directly or indirectly.

Last but not least, there is a lot of people supporting me on this ride that cant afford to give money. Your support and encouragement means just as much, if not more.

If you are reading this, please support those who are supporting me.

Marine and RV Systems Australia.

Full Moon Hotel.

Network Solutions

Madman Marine

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