Trip Odometer: 10648km
Daily total: 390km

Temperature at the Canberra camp dropped to -4.5degC overnight. It was very hard to get out of the warm swag and into the cold. Of course, everything was covered in ice, so my hands were freezing after packing up.

After a cup of coffee and some toast and packing up the last of the gear, it was time to head to the briefing. I underestimated Canberra traffic, and only just made it to the briefing site in time. After the brief we started out toward Crookwell via Gurrundah, but there was confusion with GPS’ and we ended up doing some dirt into Crookwell.

Once in Crookwell, we were supposed to head to Bathurst via Trunkey Creek. However the road from Crookwell to Trunkey has only been fully sealed for 6 months, so our GPS’ were trying to route us via Goulbourn then back out to Bathurst. Eventually the ride organisers called up the Trunkey pub who got us sorted, so we backtracked back to Crookwell, and then hit some of the best motorcycling roads I have ridden in some time. After a great ride, we pulled into the Black Stump pub at Trunkey for a late lunch.

It was here that someone pointed out to me the oil leaking from the left hand fork. It was immediately obvious that fork seal had blown out. I put in a quick call to Team Moto in Brisbane, but they were unable to get a replacement seal fast enough to do the work on Saturday when I would be in Brisbane. So I am going to have to get it repaired in Cairns by the look of it. I will make a few more calls tomorrow to see if I can figure something out.

After lunch, it was off of to Bathurst. I rode at the back of the group and took it pretty easy on this leg to try and prevent more oil leaking from the fork seal. We rode straight to Mt Panorama for a lap and a few pics.

I departed before everyone else to head to Super Cheap Auto to pick up some rags and degreaser to attempt to stem the flow of oil down the forks and potentially into the brakes. A rag cable tied around the seal should suck up any oil before it becomes a problem, and I can replace the rag when it becomes saturated.

Approximate Course.
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