Trip Odometer: 11131km
Daily total: 483km

A short post today. I spent most of the day on Facebook and ringing people trying to find a solution to the damaged fork seal on the bike. I spent the day riding just in front of the tail end charlie, attempting to avoid any heavy braking and trying to dodge rough sections of road.

It was another cold start from Bathurst. -2.5degC on the motorcycle thermometer. Looking out to the west, the incoming cold front was visible, and it did not take long for it to arrive overhead. As we rode on toward Mudgee, the front stared pushing up the wind and we had some intermittent showers of rain.

Eventually we got into Mudgee, nudging just ahead of the front. The sun was shining on and off whilst the local newspaper got the story out of the organisers. We then grouped up for a photo before heading out again.

From Mudgee we went to Merriwa for fuel and a quick bite to eat. It was here that I got a call from a mate. He had located a place that had seals in stock for the forks, but were not open on a Saturday. I started working out the distance to Brisbane and the time it would take to see if it might be possible to get in at a reasonable hour on Friday before the shops shut up for the day. I ran out of time before we had to get moving again.

Leaving Merriwa, a wrong turn gave as a look at a nice painted silo. There is lots of these scattered around the country now.

After correcting, I raced ahead of the lead riding after mistaking some directions. Lucky for me I went off in the right direction and it wasn’t too long before the ride leader showed up in my mirrors. Arriving in Tamworth, we got a group pic in front of the golden guitar before making our way to camp.

By the time I made it to camp, it was too late to make an appointment with the suspension repairers, but I figured out I could get to Brisbane by about 1pm, so made the call to split from the Black Dog Ride early morning and head to Brisbane for repairs. Having not spoken with the company in question, I was not sure they would even be able to fit the seals, but at least I knew I could get some, then I could make plans to get some repairs done.

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