Trip Odometer: 13231km
Daily total: 427km

Today’s ride was pretty straight forward. Up the Bruce Highway from Mackay to Townsville. Cant be too hard right? Well the crazy drivers on the Bruce prove otherwise yet again. The crazy overtaking can get quite dangerous, and some are just not aware of what is going on around them. Thankfully, nothing went wrong though.

Today’s start was a little later, but us campers have to get up a couple of hours before hand to pack up. Well some of us don’t have too, the bonus of camping in a swag is you roll it up and you’re ready to rock and roll. Lets not talk about rain and frost though!

When we rocked up to camp the previous night, the lovely couple in the van behind us came out to see what all the racket was about. They had a light to help us set up, lent us a power board so we could all charge our devices and even made a $100 donation. The lady in the motorhome next to us was also lovely, and she made a donations as well. There was also plenty of well wishes and friendly chat from others.

We left camp and rode back to the hotel where everyone else was staying. The brief once again pushed the safety aspect, but I feel its not quite sinking in with some. We also wished Ken a happy 70th Birthday (they guy who booked the campsite last night that we all hijacked!).

Our next stop was at Proserpine. The local Woolworths had received late notice about us passing thought, so made plans to meet us at our scheduled fuel stop in lieu of a formal engagement. Given the fuel stop was across the road from the local Woolworths, I am sure it would not have been a problem, but it was still great to see the local Woolies gang get in and support the Black Dog Ride. As an added bonus, when they heard that it was Kens Birthday, they raced back to the store, grabbed a cakc and some candles. What an awesome bunch of people!

From Proserpine we headed to Guthalungra for fuel and a quick lunch stop. Looks like the Southerners are starting to struggle with the lovely North Queensland warmth. Everyone is hiding in any shade they can find. Its not even hot yet!

Our next stop was Woolies North Shore (Townsville), for yet another feed and chat with the locals. Once again, another fantastic feed.

After filling up, it was just a short ride to camp. The sun was still in the sky whilst setting up which was very pleasant.

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