Trip Odometer: 16110km
Daily total: 588km

Tennant Creek was a 7.30 start for an 8am depature. After a can of Mother (in lieu of my normal coffee) and the driest toasted ham cheese sandwich I joined the group for a briefing.

From Tennant Creek it was Renner Springs for fuel and a quick drink

Next stop was Elliot, this was a fuel stop for the mainly for the cruisers.

And then Dunmarra for fuel for all. I did spot a Farrier F24 sailing triamaran out the back wrapped up in tarps. Odd place to find a sailing boat.

Daly Waters Highway Inn for a splash and dash and some shenanigans, then a few of us took a detour to the Daly Waters Pub. The plan was to eat lunch there, but the queue was a bit too long, so I passed up the chance. I had a good look around, and there is a shed over the road that has a couple of FX holdens and some old motorcycles, so I had to take a look!

After a quick look around, I left the group that went to the Daly Waters Pub and headed off to Mataranka Homestead where we were camping up for the night. The saving grace for Mataranka Homestead is the bar and the entertainment to some degree. The place is tired and dirty. The facilities are old, dirty and run down. Its clear the only reason this place makes money is due to the Mataranka Thermal Springs. The entertainment was ok, but the singer of the band clearly had a chip on his shoulder and was pretty grumpy. After the band, a local guy, Nathan Griggs did a show with whip cracking, which was actually pretty good.

There was a Black Dog Ride stand set up to sell Merchandise and they did pretty good. Despite me bagging the singer from the Repeat Offenders, he is doing great work for our Veterans and Suicide Prevention. He also gave the Black Dog Ride plenty of plugs.

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