Trip Odometer: 16696km
Daily total: 163km

Today was truly a rest day. I slept in till about 7am, and it was only the traffic noise that woke me. On my rest days, I set up the fly sheet to keep the sun off the swag. This means I can lie down during the day out of the sun and without zipping my self into the swag. This turned out to be beneficial as it rained overnight. Once the rain passed, it cooled down a lot. I ended up in the sleeping bag; who would have thought this would happen in Darwin?

After wasting plenty of time talking to people around the park, I decided to head into the city for a look. I forgot how much I like Darwin, its a very pretty city. Nice to visit, but the heat is a bit to extreme for me to consider spending any significant amount of time here.

We did have one engagement today, and that was at Palmerston Golf Club. They held a fundraiser for the Black Dog Ride which in itself is a bit of a story. In the end, 3 years in the making they raised a good amount of money, and presented is with a $6000 cheque. There was some media in attendance, so hopefully once that is available on the internet I will be able to post it back here.

I also took time to visit the Howard Springs Tavern, which is owned by the same family that owns my local pub that sponsored me, the Full Moon Hotel. Unfortunately, both the family members I know were not in Darwin at the time, so I will have to catch them when they are in Brisbane next time.

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the ride, about 830km’s. It freedom riding, but our departure time has to be between 6am and 7am. A bet early for my liking, but the first hour of the ride is more or less within the Greater Darwin area so there is almost no risk of wildlife strikes. From there onwards, the sun is high enough in the sky and the shadows on the road are short, so any skippies will be well and truly visible.