Trip Odometer: 17553km
Daily total: 857km

The biggest day of the trip turned out to be the easiest day so far. I rode solo today, so no stress. The morning started off by signing on at 6am, and then I departed for a McDonalds at Palmerston for muffin and coffee to wait for the sun to rise and the skippies to hide. I hung around Macca’s till about 7:15, then headed to a local servo to add some air to the tyres. Was perfect timing to catch the sun coming over the trees

By the time I got going, the sun was well in the sky, and given the half hour or so ride out of the greater Darwin area the shadows were not as long. Perfect time to hit the open road.

To head west, we needed to back track about 300km back down the Stuart Highway to Katherine. My first fuel stop was at Adelaide River. I could have easy made Katherine, but the bike gets a bit thirsty doing the 130kph NT speed limits and better safe than sorry. Onto Katherine it was quick splash and dash. I caught up with quite a few of the other riders that left earlier. I left them chatting and rode on. This time I was a bit conservative on the speed, travelling under the posted speed limit to try and conserve fuel. I forgot that fuel was available before Timber Creek, so I was aiming for 300+km range. When I spotted the sign for Victoria Creek, I picked up the pace again! A quick fuel top up at Victoria River an it was onward to Timber Creek.

From Timber Creek the next stop was going to be WA Border for quarantine. The Vic River also runs though here. Its quite a sight seeing so much water in what looks like real desert country.

And of course, one has to take the photo at the Border.

Dinner was provided by the Kimberly Suicide Prevention Network and cooked by the local Rotary Club. We also had a guest speaker who gave us some insight in the indigenous suicide rate (13 times the national average for the Kimberly region) and how they are slowly reversing that trend. We also enjoyed the company of some of the local Miriwoong people.