Trip Odometer: 18207km
Daily total: 654km

The next few days are once again mile eating as we make our way to Broome, so not a lot of pics. Its especially hard to take photo’s when you are the lead rider as well.

This morning started with breakfast at the Tuckerbox Cafe in Kunanurra. We also got a sneak peak at the local pub who’s owner has quite a collection of vintage motorcycles. At the briefing, the Tuckerbox presented us with 50% of there morning takings, which equated to $300.

I was awarded the position of lead ride, and Dave and I departed at 8:15. The rules today were to stay between the lead rider and tail end charlie, which meant I had to keep ahead of the pack. After almost missing the turn off toward Broome, our first fuel stop was Warmun.

Next fuel stop was Halls Creek, where we snuck in a very quick bite to eat, so I could keep going to keep ahead of the riders who were keen to get into camps early. This town left me confused, so many nice people, yet so many issues. I met a nice lady here and had a good chat about the local issues with Aboriginal mental health and problems in the town. She took one of the Black Dog Ride cards and said she was going to get her cousin to promote it on the local indigenous radio station.

From there it was 300km to Fitzroy Crossing, which mean taking it easy on the throttle to get the distance. At 110kph (WA speed limit) that equates to about 350km per tank of fuel, so no issues there.

We set up camp at the Fitzroy River Lodge. They have not had a lot of rain here for quite a while, so it was pretty dusty. To add insult to injury, some animal took a piss on my swag, which thankfully was zipped up closed at the time. Plenty of paper towel and water and it was all good.

Unfortunately, we got the news that a rider had gone down. Thankfully, injuries were minimal, although the bike is probably a write off. Its a shame it happened so close to the end of the ride.