Trip Odometer: 18652km
Daily total: 42km

Today was a rest day, but the Black Dog Ride and Kimberly Mental Health and Drug Service had a shared stall at the local Broome Markets. Those who were not tied up with maintenance jobs brought the bikes down for a display. We also manned the stall to ‘Start a Conversation’ as well as to try and sell some merchandise. They day was very successful.

The stall ran till 12pm, then we had the rest of the day to relax. I rode around Broome to check out the local beaches. The red sand meeting the blue water provides an wicked contrast, and still amazes me everytime I see it.

After riding around for a while, I opted to refuel the bike, then head back to the caravan park to offload the bike and go for a beer. Walking down the beach, we discovered a touch footy comp, which also had a beer tent. It was decided to hang around and watch a few games whilst tasting the local Broome Brewery beers. It turned out to be an excellent afternoon, with some fierce competition on the beach.

Once the touched competition was up, we moved to the bar at the top of the beach for the sunset.

Dinner was had at the Divers Bar, then a 6 pack was purchased and we headed back to the caravan park to chat with some locals. The half rest day turned out to be pretty good. Tomorrow’s start is an 800+km ride, so I wanted to go to bed early, which of course did not happen as usual!