Trip Odometer: 19555km
Daily total: 903km

Leaving Broome, a good 30 local riders joined us for the ride out to the Roebuck Roadhouse. From there I promptly topped up my fuel tank, handed the bowser to the rider next to me, then disappeared for the 300km trip to Sandfire! With 800+km to cover today, I was pretty keen to get on with it.

I arrived at Sandfire for another quick fuel stop. I was in and out in just a few minutes. This place is interesting, and I would have liked to have a bit more of a look around, but I also did not want to arrive in Karratha after dark.

Next place for fuel was Pardoo Roadhouse. I was starting to get hungy here, so decided to by a sausage roll and a sandwich. Warning: NEVER EAT HERE, EVER. Worst roadhouse I have ever been too. I have since been told by many others to avoid this place as it has fallen into disrepair since the new owners took over. The toilet was on par with the food also.

From Pardoo, it was on to Port Headland for the next fuel. I should have eaten here, the food looked way better than the crap I ended up throwing away.

From Port Headland you pass Whim Creek, then Roeburn. I did not stop at either place, but both look like they might require a return trip for further investigation!

Finally I arrived at the campground at Karratha. Its an interesting town clearly cashed up on the iron ore in the area. The drivers are mad, the town is red, and despite not being a place I would live its certainly worth a look visit. There is lots of history here.

I wanted to fuel up for the morning, so decided to ride out to Dampier and fill up along the way. On the way back, I passed a bunch of food trucks. The smell was too good, so we went back later that night for dinner. Turns out the trucks had been on the road for 5 months across the top end and as far into Queensland as Mt Isa. The Ribs were fantastic.