Trip Odometer: 20221km
Daily total: 666km

Whilst sleeping in a swag can sometimes be a pain in the arse, it also has its upsides. Its easy to set up, its easy to put away. And sometimes, you wake up to some awesome skies.

I have had better during this trip, including some awesome Meteor showers. None are easy to capture on Camera.

Today was a later start, so after packing up camp a couple of us went to the local McDonalds for a coffee. It was here we met a lady who had been trying to catch the Black Dog Riders for a couple of years. She gave us a donation and told us how her son had taken his own life. Whilst there has been a lot of great moments on this trip, there is also moments like this that leave you ‘lost’ with a lump in your throat. Nonetheless, its part of the reason I am doing this ride.

We left McDonalds to head back to the briefing location. After the brief, we took off for the first fuel stop which was only 100km up the road at Fortescue River. I could have made it to the next fuel stop but all the riding around I did in Karratha I thought it would better to be safe than sorry. Not much time was spent here, fuel in, ride out.

Nanutarra was the next roadhouse.

I had planned to fuel up and keep going, but a couple of the other riders wanted a bite to eat, so we grabbed some food and rode the bikes to a shady spot. Turned out to be a good thing as the Ducatti was trying to rattle itself to death.

A quick repair and we headed out for Minilya Bridge Roadhouse. Somewhere along this section I also clicked over 20000km on this trip.

We ran into a bunch of WA Variety bash cars here. I was to busy looking and forgot to take any photo’s of the cars. One redbull and one sandwich later, the last 150km’s were started. A quick fuel stop to top up for the morning and we pulled into camp. After offloading the camping gear, I headed off with another rider toward the waters edge for a look. Carnarvon reminds me of what Shorncliffe used to be like back in the day. Its a bigger town, more remote, but has the same feel.

On the way back, we grabbed a carton of beer. This was well received by everyone. The couple of times we have done this, half of the carton ends up being hidden in the support vehicles disguised as highly important equipment for the campers (such as a case of hydrolytes), however this wont be required tomorrow!

The caravan park provided us with roast beef and gravy rolls for dinner. A good night was had by all, and with only just over 400km to ride tomorrow we can all enjoy a sleep in as well as a chance to to have our tents and swags dry (from dew) before we head off.