Trip Odometer: 20645km
Daily total: 424km

I handed the ride lead over today, much to my relief because I wanted to slow down a bit and be able to stop and take a few photo’s. As it turned out, I think I only stopped for one in the end anyway.

It was only a short ride today, departure from Carnarvon was slated for 9:30am, with stops in Wooramel and Billabong. I rode out with the first half dozen riders, but sat toward the back of the pack doing slightly under the speed limit so I could get some distance. I wanted to slow down and enjoy the scenery. This is a pretty boring stretch, so not much to see unfortunately. There is one lookout that is worth stopping at, where you get a view of the ocean and some interesting man made rock formations

I opted to skip Wooramel for fuel, instead choosing the Overland Roadhouse so I would only need one stop. I was going to grab something to eat here until I stopped and saw what was on offer. It looked like Pardoo, so I chose to wait this time.

From Overland, I rode straight to Northhampton. Even though I was not ride leader today, I still arrived ahead of everyone else. Most people ahead of me stopped for lunch at the Billabong Roadhouse, I waved as I went past!

After refueling at Northhampton for the next day, I found a nice cafe for lunch. The Shearing Shed Cafe comes highly recommended.

The main problem we had in Northampton was the fact that the local caravan park had been closed, leaving us with a choice to camp at Horrocks or Geraldton or find a free roadside camp. There was cheap accomdation at the old convent in town, but a few of us were pretty steadfast about camping. Dave managed to strike an offer with the Convent to let us camp out the back for $10 each, so we took that option.

The place turned out to be quite interesting. It was fairly old, old enough that the church still had its entrance adorned with latin. I could read some of it, but most of the latin I learnt in school is well gone.