Trip Odometer: 21128km
Daily total: 424km

As the end draws near, the fatigue is also growing along with the excitement of completing the ride. Today’s ride was another short one as we head toward the finish line. I made sure I got a few photo’s of Winston with the local Northampton celebrities.

We departed Northampton at 9am, back to riding in formation. Today’s ride was planned by WA Rider Ken, and the most pupular (pun intended) pillion, Chloe. Ken was also going to lead the ride today.

The first fuel stop of the day was Dongara. Most of us fueled up the night before, so we pulled over to wait for the rest of the group to top off their tanks.

From Dongara, it was an very nice cruise up to Jurian Bay via the coastal roads. Its been a while since I have been on this road, and first time I have done it on a motorcycle. Caravans aside, it was a very pleasant ride. We fueled up at Jurian Bay and regathered for the ride to our much awaited surprise of the day, a visit to a private collection of Vincent motorcycles. This would have to come close to being the largest collection of Vincent’s in the world. Unfortunately, the power was out, so the lack of lighting meant photo’s were difficult to take.

If you consider the last auction price of one of these bikes, Winston is sitting on the fender of a AUD$1,000,000+ bike here:

Neerabup was the next fuel stop. As we approached Perth, we had to readjust to traffic and complex roads again. Add in fatigue and this can be a dangerous thing. I was following Ken, when I took a quick look at the GPS only to look up and see Ken hard on the brakes pulling into a petrol station. I quickly took a hard right and went around him, missing the entrance to the petrol station and also my role as a corner marker to direct people in. As a result, a few riders missed the turn, but none went to to far before realising thankfully.

At this point, taking photo’s was not even in my thought process. We rode on to our camp at Swan Valley. Discovery Parks at Swan Valley hosted us at no charge. The campers could have had free cabins but we opted to continue our camping challenge, and so I rolled out the swag for the last night before the official ride was completed.